Will August’s SAT Curve be Generous Due to Covid?

Matt Larriva
Aug 12, 2020

Does the curve for August’s trail (SAT) will be generous?

The idea of an “SAT” curve is a misconception. Here’s a detailed article Powerful Prep wrote on the topic.

As other answers have noted, the number of questions you can miss (and still get an 800) is determined by the performance of the other testers and the difficulty of the test.

We can’t know what the difficulty of the test will be, but it shouldn’t be much different from the others.

The performance of the other testers might be a little more competitive than usual because a many people who intended to test earlier in the year had their test dates canceled because of COVID. Those testers will have been ready months ago and will have had a lot more time to prep than they were expecting. In my view, this will probably lead to a slightly more competitive testing cohort, meaning the number of questions you can miss and still get an 800 in each section will probably be 0–2.