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Our Students Have Been Accepted to Top Universities, Including:

Maximum Point Gains

We have a proven track record of helping students achieve exceptional SAT and ACT scores.

Elite Instructors

Our expert teachers are graduates of the nation's top 20 universities, with SAT and ACT scores of 99.9% or higher.

Tailored Approach

We work with students one-on-one to develop a test prep strategy that’s an ideal match for their needs, learning style, and goals.

How Powerful Prep Works

Our customized, adaptive curriculum is designed to tackle your student’s specific strengths and weaknesses, so they can achieve the highest point gains possible.


Guided Test Selection

We use our proprietary algorithms to select the best test for your student (SAT or ACT).

Tailored Instructor Assignment

We match your student with an experienced teacher who is the best fit for his or her unique learning style and personality.

One-on-One Instruction

Focused, weekly prep sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, with materials customized to your student's needs.

Adaptive Approach

As your student improves, our Proactive Recalibration® approach keeps us focused on the areas that will deliver maximum point gains.

Targeted Homework

Our Deliberate Practice method ensures that your student's homework remains targeted to their strengths and weaknesses.

Our Tailored, One-On-One Approach

Your student will meet with a dedicated Powerful Prep instructor once or twice a week for a highly focused, 90-minute session—in the comfort of your own home. Each session will be tailored to your student's specific needs and goals, and homework will be assigned that maximizes his or her strengths and addresses any underperforming areas.
Through weekly testing and progress reports, we'll discover how best to adapt our teaching approach and curriculum to help your student achieve maximum point gains. By continuously shifting our approach, we can ensure that your teenager stays challenged, engaged, and on track to getting the best scores possible.

The Best Results, Guaranteed.

At Powerful Prep, we guarantee outstanding results for the students we work with. With average point gains of 230 on the SAT and 3.6 on the ACT, our elite instructors help students achieve real results that propel them to better schools and brighter futures.

Find the Right Instructor for Your Student

At Powerful Prep, we pride ourselves on the quality and expertise of our teachers by hiring instructors who are:

  • Ivy League Graduates
  • Mensa Members
  • Top Scorers: 99.9 Percentile On Their SAT and ACT Exams
  • Experienced Teachers
  • National Merit Scholarship Recipients

Every instructor is specially trained to help students achieve the highest point increases possible, and their results are constantly monitored for consistency and excellence.

Students and Parents Give Us Five Stars

Powerful Prep has helped hundreds of students achieve significant point gains on the SAT and ACT. But don’t just take our word for it — read what students and parents have to say in our 5-star Yelp reviews.

  • 5 Stars

    “Kevin Bache was my daughter’s instructor. He was flexible and taught her via Skype as we live out of the area. He really helped her get excited to take the test (!!) and keep her calm. He raised her scores INCREDIBLY and we are so happy we worked with him and Powerful Prep. Thanks so much for the service and the excellent and encouraging attitude with my daughter! The prep work was easy and she enjoyed it. She has high hopes for college and her EXCELLENT ACT scores are a great start!”

    5 Stars

    “My son only had two weeks before his next SAT test and there was only time for 4 Powerful Prep sessions. His Tutor (Ryan) was amazing! My son’s scores went up 190 points and guaranteed his acceptance to his desired college. Thank you Powerful Prep!”

  • 5 Stars

    “Our son began his ACT preparation process last year, and with a baseline of 23, we knew he was capable of improving.  We engaged Matthew at PP, who went to great effort to profile our son and find the right match for his temperament and study habits so as to find the appropriate tutor.  Elise was recommended, which served as the perfect fit.  Elise was very process oriented and focused on addressing areas of strength and coaching areas of opportunity.  After twelve sessions our son tested and scored a composite 28, a five point improvement.  We were thrilled with the results, but it wasn’t until he started hearing back from schools in which he had interest that we realized the value of the investment.  He was accepted to 10 of 11 of his applicant schools, and received a $14,000/year merit scholarship from his #1 choice.  Thanks to the team at Powerful Prep for a great job!!”

    5 Stars

    “Such fantastic SAT test prep! I needed a test prep tutor that could cater to my weaknesses (math!)  and help hone my strengths and Powerful Prep did that and more. One-on-one with a great and knowledgeable tutor, flexible hours, and a strategy that made the test process less intimidating. I got a huge score boost and best of all, got into the college of my choice! I definitely recommend to anyone looking to boost their SAT/ACT score.”

  • 5 Stars

    “Our tutor was awesome. In just eight, 1.5 hour sessions, she took our son from a 28 to a 32 on the ACT. Mary was always pleasant, always on time, and very patient with our son. I would highly recommend this service!”

    5 Stars

    “My daughter had a terrific experience with Powerful Prep, raising her score by 300 points after just 12 sessions.  She really responded well to the one-on-one tutoring at our home, targeted homework and review to bolster her weak spots, and the overall well-organized approach.   The tutor (Elise) was very personable, responsive, professional, and punctual.   In addition to improving my daughter’s test-taking skills, Elise gave my daughter a much needed confidence boost.  We give our highest recommendation to Powerful Prep!”

  • 5 Stars

    “Terrific experience for our sports minded/academic son. The tutors were specialized, flexible, on time, and enthusiastic in their endeavor. Great experience and above expected results. We will use this service again in 3 years for son #2. This is a perfect service for busy scholar athletes that need a customized schedule. Well worth the money spent.”

    5 Stars

    “Definitely the best! Always punctual, informed, prepared and encouraging. My SAT score went up 300 points and I benefitted from a lot of helpful tips that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. I had tutor sessions 2 times a week and felt very confident going into my test – my session helped correct my mistakes and prompted me to study on my own. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about improving their score!”

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