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Personalized SAT & ACT Tutoring

“My son’s scores went up 190 points”

“My son only had two weeks before his next SAT test and there was only time for 4 Powerful Prep sessions. His Tutor (Ryan) was amazing! My son’s scores went up 190 points and guaranteed his acceptance to his desired college. Thank you Powerful Prep!”

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Powerful Prep is your partner in test prep. We want to match you with the best program for your needs, whether it’s with us or one of our trusted, verified, industry partners.

Test Prep

Power Forward

Power Surge

One-on-one prep focusing on your specific needs, designed to teach you the tips and tricks in just 6 weeks When you need unlimited point-gains and the expertise of veteran, Ivy League-graduate tutors



completely flexible to your weekly schedule, any time you like completely customized to your needs
Length 6 weeks, 90-minutes/week 3-months 90-minutes/week
Students per Class One-on-one One-on-one
Access to tutors via email at all times
Access to weekly office hours
Practice Tests monthly unlimited
Weekly recap emails
Ivy League Graduate Teacher
Money-Back Guarantee

Work One-on-One With Our Elite Instructors


All of our instructors have scored in the 99.9th percentile on the SAT and ACT.


We only hire instructors with degrees from the nation’s top 20 universities.


Every Powerful Prep instructor has prior classroom and one-on-one teaching experience.

How Powerful Prep Works

Our customized, adaptive curriculum is designed to tackle your student’s specific strengths and weaknesses, so they can achieve the highest point gains possible.


Guided Test Selection
We use our proprietary algorithms to select the best test for your student (SAT or ACT).
Tailored Instructor Assignment
We match your student with an experienced teacher who is the best fit for his or her unique learning style and personality.



One-on-One Instruction
Focused, weekly prep sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, with materials customized to your student’s needs.
Adaptive Approach
As your student improves, our Proactive Recalibration® approach keeps us focused on the areas that will deliver maximum point gains.



Targeted Homework
Our Deliberate Practice method ensures that your student’s homework remains targeted to their strengths and weaknesses.

How Are Our Tutors Held Accountable?

Master Tutor Matt Larriva meets monthly with each of his teachers to review each student’s progress, provide guidance, tweak study plans, and supplement tutoring approaches as needed. This second layer of insight and experience is one of the many ways that Powerful Prep ensures the most personalized service and the strongest results for its students.

The Best Results, Guaranteed

At Powerful Prep, we guarantee outstanding results for the students we work with. With the average point gains listed above, our elite instructors help students achieve real results that propel them to better schools and brighter futures.

Average Performance Impacts
Average Point Gains
Minimum Point Gain*
Average Performance Impacts
Average Point Gains
Minimum Point Gain*

Pupils have gained up to 600 points on the SAT and 9 points on the ACT.

Student & Parents Give Us Five Stars

“My son only had two weeks before his next SAT test and there was only time for 4 Powerful Prep sessions. His Tutor (Ryan) was amazing! My son’s scores went up 190 points and guaranteed his acceptance to his desired college. Thank you Powerful Prep!”
“Such fantastic SAT test prep! I needed a test prep tutor that could cater to my weaknesses (math!) and help hone my strengths and Powerful Prep did that and more. One-on-one with a great and knowledgeable tutor, flexible hours, and a strategy that made the test process less intimidating. I got a huge score boost and best of all, got into the college of my choice! I definitely recommend to anyone looking to boost their SAT/ACT score.”
“Our tutor was awesome. In just eight, 1.5 hour sessions, she took our son from a 28 to a 32 on the ACT. Mary was always pleasant, always on time, and very patient with our son. I would highly recommend this service!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cost compare to other test prep programs?

We focus on results, which means hiring only the very best tutors; specifically tutors with Ivy League degrees. All that to say, our focus is on being the very best option – not the cheapest. We respect that we may not be for everyone but if you are serious about increasing your test scores, we are the best option.

How long is your program?

Our program is customized to each student’s unique needs and depends largely on how many points you want to gain. Some students who need 100 points on their SAT or 1 point on their ACT will prep with us for a month; others looking for a perfect score will prepare with us for a year. But on average, three months is a good timeframe to start with.

How many hours a week is your program?

At Powerful Prep, one of our founding principles was developing focused, research-based curriculum. We became the nation’s highest point-gain program based on that, and the research tells us that 90-minutes is the most that students can focus with retention. So our meetings are 90-minutes, once-a-week, usually with about an hour a day of homework outside of class. Parents who compare us to other programs that have 5 and 10-hour-a-week classes will ask, “is 90-minutes really enough?” It is; and we have 10-years of results to prove it.

Superior SAT and ACT Scores, Guaranteed

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Find out how Powerful Prep can build a customized, one-on-one program to suit your student’s needs and goals.

*For students with official proctored baseline scores below 1300 (SAT) or 30 (ACT); who complete 12 tutoring sessions, complete all homework, and attend one proctored practice test per month.