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Getting into the Ivy League might be tough, but it’s not impossible. With the right admissions strategy, you can move your application to the top of the stack, even at top-ranking US colleges.

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Avoid the College Admissions Mistake Most Students Make

Most students don’t demonstrate how exceptional they are in their college applications. Each year tens of thousands of qualified students get rejected from Top US Colleges. Even with a 4+ GPA, a competitive ACT/SAT score, and compelling letters of recommendation. Yet, these “perfect students” get rejected because…

  • They haven’t made an impact in their community 
  • They look like so many other applicants
  • They fail to showcase their unique talents

The Secret Solution to Ivy League Admissions

To get into top colleges, students and parents must learn one vital strategy: to think like college recruiters, not college applicants. 

When families think this way, they begin to grasp this pivotal truth about college admissions. 

The Ivy League and other top colleges recruit high-impact students–the heavy hitters–the students they believe could one day change the world.