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Powerful Prep students consistently achieve significant increases on their SAT and ACT scores.

Our Students Have Been Accepted to Top Universities, Including:

Delivering the Best Results in Our Industry

With the best average point gains in our industry, Powerful Prep students are accepted into the nation's top schools, and often receive merit-based scholarships that more than cover the cost of our services.

Read our Success Stories below to see why we're the test prep of choice.

Superior SAT and ACT Scores, Guaranteed

Impressive SAT Results

  • Powerful Prep students gain an average increase of 15 points per tutor session
  • On average, Powerful Prep students improve their SAT score by 150 points
  • Some star pupils have increased their SAT scores by as much as 300 points
  • Minimum point gain guarantee: 100*
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Remarkable ACT Results

  • Powerful Prep students gain an average of 0.4 points per tutor session
  • On average, Powerful Prep students improve their ACT score by 4 points
  • Some star pupils have increased their ACT scores by as much as 9 points
  • Minimum point gain guarantee: 2*
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*For students with official proctored baseline scores below 1300 (SAT) or 30 (ACT); who complete 12 tutoring sessions, complete all homework, and attend one proctored practice test per month.

The 5-Star Reviews Are In!

At Powerful Prep, our students achieve outstanding results with average gains of 150 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT. But don’t take our word for it—read what students and parents have to say in our 5-star Yelp reviews.

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  • 5 Stars

    “My son only had two weeks before his next SAT test and there was only time for 4 Powerful Prep sessions. His Tutor (Ryan) was amazing! My son’s scores went up 190 points and guaranteed his acceptance to his desired college. Thank you Powerful Prep!”

    5 Stars

    “Such fantastic SAT test prep! I needed a test prep tutor that could cater to my weaknesses (math!)  and help hone my strengths and Powerful Prep did that and more. One-on-one with a great and knowledgeable tutor, flexible hours, and a strategy that made the test process less intimidating. I got a huge score boost and best of all, got into the college of my choice! I definitely recommend to anyone looking to boost their SAT/ACT score.”

  • 5 Stars

    “Powerful Prep was a great find for our son.  His tutor, Elise, provided incredibly personalized and detailed instruction.  In just ten sessions, our son improved his ACT five points — from a 27 to a 32.   It’s clear to me that Elise and Powerful Prep gave him the materials and tools he needed to succeed.  I would highly recommend this company!”

    5 Stars

    “We are extremely happy with the results our son has seen working with Matt and the Powerful Prep program.  During the time Matt tutored our son he was able to increase his score by 500 points.  A direct result of  Matts ability to assess our son’s learning  needs and apply the Powerful Prep techniques to meet our son’s needs.  This is a results driven program and Matt ihas the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend Powerful Prep!”

Success Stories


My tutor is extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and he really targeted the areas I needed specific help in. I started out with a 1940 SAT score, and after just 4 sessions with Powerful Prep, my score went up to 2100. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to improve his or her SAT/ACT score.

- Danya K., Irvine, CA


My tutor was always informed, prepared, and encouraging. I benefitted from a lot of helpful tips that I wouldn’t have otherwise known, and my SAT score went up 300 points! I would recommend Powerful Prep to anyone who is serious about improving test scores!

Thanh M., Huntington Beach, CA


Our son started with a fair SAT score but wanted to do better. Our Powerful Prep tutor was bright, insightful, and dedicated. He tailored his approach to our son’s testing needs and increased his score by 500 points! We are confident that the tutoring he received was key to him getting into the Ivy League school he wanted.

- Richard L., Santa Ana, CA

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