Should I take the SAT in the wake of Covid and Test Optional?

Matt Larriva
Aug 05, 2020

It totally depends on:

  1. what you mean by “good school”
  2. what your background looks like

My company and I wrote a deep dive article on this topic.

“Testing-optional” does not mean optional for everyone. If you are from a relatively privileged background, then you will be expected to take the test and perform relatively well. COVID certainly removed many test dates, but both the SAT and ACT are beginning once again.

If you could find a way to safely test, and if you score well, then it will improve your chances of admission to a “good” school.

If you do not submit a score, then your chances will certainly not be ruined, but consider that you’re likely going to be compared to many other applicants who did find a way to test and score well during COVID-times.