Faults in the Case for Test Optional

Matt Larriva
Aug 08, 2021
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Powerful Prep founder, Matt Larriva, was invited to give a presentation on the test-optional trend at the 2021 TPAPT Virtual Summit, hosted by The Association of Test Preparation, Admissions, and Private Tutoring (TPAPT).

In his presentation, The Faults in the Case for Test Optional, Larriva poses the question: “Is test-optional working?

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Watch Now: The Faults in the Case for Test Optional

If you’ve been curious as to whether or not Test-Optional college admissions is working the way it is supposed to and if it has actually improved access & equity, join Larriva in the video above as he takes a deep dive into the most recent US College Admissions data to help us decipher exactly if/how Test Optional Admissions is working.

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