Do people recognize UPenn like MIT, Stanford, Princeton, or Harvard?

Matt Larriva
Aug 18, 2020

I went to UPenn and graduated from The Wharton School.

UPenn does not have the name recognition that the other schools you listed do.

If you asked people to write down all the Ivy League schools, I’m fairly confident UPenn would be left off by most.

We used to joke that it was because it had so many words in the name, while all the other Ivy Leagues are single-words (Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell) and we proposed changing the name to Franklin (after Ben Franklin, who is something of a Founder).

Still, it’s one of those things where those who matter know and those who don’t know don’t matter. If you’re targeting I Banking, or a career in finance, then the name has quite a bit of cachet.