5 Types of Students Who Take The SAT/ACT

Matt Larriva
Dec 05, 2020
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I was recently asked about the different types of students who typically take the SAT test and/or the ACT test.

In my experience prepping countless students for ACT and SAT testing, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll encounter the following five types of students when it comes time to sit for the test.

Take a look and see which student type you are.

Here’s The Type of Company You’ll Be In During ACT and SAT Testing

1. The Go-Getters

About 5% of students taking the test will be go-getters

They’ve been prepping for the test since they were in 9th-grade, sleep during the experimental section, listen to pump-up music in their cars beforehand, and know exactly which problems they might have missed.

After the test is over they head straight to the forums to confer.

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2. The “I’m only here because I have to be” Type

Thirty-five percent will be there because they have to be.

They’re typically juniors and seniors taking the test out of habit.

They aren’t really confident, but they aren’t really nervous, because they don’t understand the impact the test can have.

They’ve taken a big-box prep course for a month or so and are going to take the test and hope for the best.

They were out last night with friends, and some didn’t know they needed to print out an admissions ticket.

studying for psat

3. The “Just to see where I’m at” Students

Another 20% will be there wondering to themselves, “Where am I?”

They are probably sophomores and juniors who are taking the test, “just to see where they are.”

Their parents thought it was a good idea to take a proctored official test that will be on their records forever, just so they can get a baseline.

They should have taken a practice test in unrecorded conditions, met with a counselor and figured out a plan.

But here they are, never having seen an SAT before, testing just to see what it’s like.

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4. The Mixed Bag Students

Approximately 29% will fall into the grab bag type of students.

For example, seniors taking the test for the last time; juniors so nervous they’re trying not to vomit; students taking it for the fourth sitting; some 8th-graders there for talent-searches.

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5. And, Lastly, Let Us Not Forget: That Guy…

Of course, there’s always that one guy/girl every one else in the room envies.  

You’ll know who they are because they will be taking the test for the first time, has never prepped, and is still going to get a 1500 or above with very little effort.

Not That Guy/Girl?

So, which category of people do you fall in?

Hopefully you’re That Guy/Girl. But, if not, don’t worry.

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