5 Fun Ways To Stand Out To College Admissions Officers

Matt Larriva
Jan 19, 2021
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While the school year seems like the most important part of the year, there’s little you can do to stand out. You strive for a high GPA, but it’s safe to assume that everyone else applying to your dream school has just as strong of a GPA. So, how do you set yourself apart to college admissions officers?

It’s all about what you do with your summers!

How To Get Noticed By College Admissions Officers

If you want to get into the Ivy Leagues, it’s time to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Trying To Get Accepted To An Ivy League?

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Here are five things you can do with the summer to make sure your application floats to the top of the stack:

1. Go back to school. 

We know–the last thing you wanted to hear, but it’s also one of the best solutions. 

If you’re trying to craft a college application that says you’re so interested in math and science, there’s few better ways to show this than by taking more math and science courses.

Your local community college will have any number from which you can chose.

2. Do something tangible with your passion.

Everyone is in orchestra, but few have played at Carnegie hall. It’s not enough to say you’re interested in music (or any other extracurricular pursuit), colleges need to see what effect that had, and what you did with that interest. Cant make it to New York? Start giving free piano lessons to undeserved populations. We recently spoke with an Ivy League admissions officer who said, “yes we love to see students who write fiction, but when I have two applications in my hand and one student has published a book, while the other just writes for fun, whom am I going to pick?”

3. Get an internship.

Interested in business? Ask to be an unpaid intern for 3 days a week for a company that interests you: chances are, they’ll appreciate the free help, and you’ll get to broaden your skillset while showing colleges your devotion.

Interested in medicine? Many labs take interns for the summer, and if you’re lucky you’ll get your name on a piece of research.

4. Prep for the SAT/ACT.


The ACT is the easier test, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best test for all students to take.

Let’s take a look at the reasoning behind that and find out which test you should take.

By not having to juggle test prep and school work, you’ll do better on both. Historically, we’ve seen some of the biggest gains from our students who prep during the summer. We offer both small-group and one-on-one in-home tutoring which we can fit around your summer travel plans. We also offer Skype tutoring for those out of town or traveling.

5. Rest.

Never underestimate the potential for burnout.

Teens today face arguably more pressure than any generation in the past. Between constant low-grade stress and sporadic point stressors, it’s important to rest and rejuvenate while you can. Take some time to relax and decompress so that you can maintain your great momentum next year.