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Getting accepted to a top-tier college or university is more competitive than ever—and along with GPA and extracurricular activities, your child’s SAT score is one of the most important factors for gaining acceptance. It’s also the only factor that can be substantially improved in a short period of time.

Investing in resources to raise your student’s SAT score is an easy way to set them up for a brighter future—with the potential to increase their acceptance rate and even earn merit-based scholarships. Whether your student is preparing for their first SAT or aiming to improve their current score, Powerful Prep offers a variety of options to help—from in-person and online classes to private, one-on-one tutoring.

Designed for Your Convenience

Whether you choose online, in-home, or small group tutoring, we have options available to fit your student’s specific needs and schedule.

Elite instructors

We only hire the best and brightest. Every Powerful Prep instructor is a dedicated, engaging teacher with a degree from one of the nation’s top 20 universities and ACT and SAT scores of 99.9% or higher.

Personalized Test Prep

Our unique, adaptive curriculum is tailored to your student’s time frame, score goals, learning style, and specific strengths and weaknesses.

Highly Focused Sessions

Every program we offer gives your student at least 90 minutes per week of intensive SAT prep — ensuring maximum point gains.

The Best SAT Results in the Industry

At Powerful Prep, our methods really work and our results prove it.

  • Powerful Prep students gain an average increase of 19.5 points per tutor session
  • On average, Powerful Prep students improve their SAT score by 230 points
  • Some star pupils have increased their SAT scores by as much as 510 points
  • For students beginning with a score of less than 1250, score increased by an average of 249 points
  • For students beginning with a score of more than 1250, score increased by an average of 168 points

Minimum point gain guarantee: 100*

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*For students with starting scores below 1300 who complete 12 tutoring sessions and all homework

SAT Class Types


Average Program Length: 3 months
Tuition: $1350 per month

This premier option is designed for students looking for the largest point gains in the shortest timeframe. Through weekly one-on-one, 90-minute, in-home tutoring sessions, your student will work with a dedicated Powerful Prep instructor who will guide them through our proven methods and curriculum for increasing SAT scores. Then, we’ll customize the program as needed to suit their specific strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, and progress to-date.

We recommend one session per week for three months—a time commitment that has been proven to achieve consistently higher results than our competitors!

  • Weekly 90-minute, in-home sessions scheduled at your convenience—to best fit you and your student’s busy lives
  • Receive status update emails after every session
  • Email questions to your instructor between sessions and receive replies within 24 hours
  • Progress, homework, and error logs are maintained and available for your review
  • Our founder, Matt Larriva, will personally monitor your child’s progress and regularly check in with your instructor
  • All program materials are included in tuition

*If our program does not meet your expectations for any reason, you can cancel it at any time.


Average Program Length: 2 months
Tuition: $1250 per month

This engaging classroom setting meets once a week with a group of 4-7 students per class. This small class size allows every student to receive a high degree of personalized attention from their experienced, dedicated Powerful Prep instructor.

This dynamic venue also provides an opportunity for us to introduce innovative SAT prep strategies like student-paired mentoring, student-led “teach-backs,” and student-driven curriculum generation. This enables students to gain knowledge from their peers as they all work together to find solutions to their biggest challenge areas.

  • New classes start on the 1st and 15th of every month
  • Classes meet once a week for 8 weeks
  • Each class runs for an intensive 3 hours
  • Adaptable curriculum works for both beginners and advanced test-takers
  • Only 4-7 students per class
  • Proctored practice tests given every other week
  • All program materials are included in tuition

* If your student’s first class does not meet your expectations, you may request a full refund — no questions asked.


Average Program Length: Customized to your Needs
Tuition: $1350 per month

During these once a week, 90-minute online video sessions, your student will work with a dedicated Powerful Prep instructor to help improve his or her overall SAT test score. Your child’s experienced teacher will be available for instruction and questions during normal hours in your time zone.

  • Online video sessions are scheduled once a week for 90 minutes each
  • Screen-sharing tools help accelerate your student’s learning
  • Receive status update emails after every session
  • Email questions to your instructor between sessions and receive replies within 24 hours
  • All program materials are included in tuition
  • Customized courses and tuition options available

More Points per Dollar, Guaranteed.

Powerful Prep has been proven to deliver the best SAT and ACT score increases in our industry. While our competitors charge upwards of $1,000/hour, you’d need to buy two of their programs in order to achieve the point gains that we’ve helped our students realize.

Earn Merit-Based Scholarships

At a small fraction of the cost of college, Powerful Prep’s tuition can more than pay for itself by improving your student’s chances of earning a high-value, merit-based scholarship. Just ask some of our previous students.

Gain Acceptance to Better Schools

Our elite SAT and ACT prep is the next step in moving your child toward the college of their dreams. We’ve helped hundreds of students in Southern California increase their test scores and gain admission to the Ivy League schools of their choice.

Flexible Payment Options Available

At Powerful Prep, we believe that paying for the entire cost of your student’s SAT prep program upfront shouldn’t be a concern or barrier to your child’s bright future. That’s why we offer flexible payment options for all program types.

  • Pay as you go
  • Payment plans available
  • Purchase individual sessions
  • Cancel at any time


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