How To Solve The Math SAT Practice Test 1 – Problems 1-20 (No Calculator)

Matt Larriva
Mar 03, 2021
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With the SAT test right around the corner, there’s no better time to prep! In this video, Powerful Prep tutor, Lauren, walks us through the no calculator math section of the SAT Practice Test 1.

Before you get started, here are a few things to know:

  • In this video, you will learn how to work through questions 1-20 of no calculator section of the SAT Practice Test 1.
    • For the best results, we recommend you download a copy of the test and work through it the best you can before you refer to the video.
    • The No Calculator section of the math SAT Practice Test 1 starts on page 34.
    • The no calculator section of the math SAT Practice Test 1 takes approximately 25 minutes to complete the 20 questions found on the test.
  • The video will start at the hardest question (#20) and work backwards to the easiest question (#1).

Okay, all set? Time to take a look at the answers!

WATCH: Learn How To Solve SAT 1 Math No Calculator Section

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SAT Practice Test | Frequently Asked Questions

How can I score as high on the real SAT as I did on the practice SAT class?

A good start is by taking the SAT practice test again in a setting that closely resembles the real SAT test setting such as coffee shop. Additionally, working with a qualified test prep tutor who preps you for the test questions as well as prepares you to perform well under the pressure of taking the actual SAT test.

Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

There are many variables that contribute to the right answer to that question and they mostly depend on the individual student and their goals. Fear not, however, because we’ve explored the idea of the ACT vs SAT exhaustively and made an infographic and ultimate guide aimed at helping you decide which test to take.

Find your answer here: ACT vs SAT: Which Test Should You Take?

Where can you download the College Board SAT Practice Tests?

Download the SAT 1 Practice test from the link in the article above, or head over to the College Board website and grab them there.

Are the math SAT Practice tests easier than the real SAT Test?

You want to know if you’re scoring a 1400 on college board sat practice tests, will you score a 1400, a 1300, or a 1500 on the real SAT test.

Short answer:

You’ll do worse on the real SAT than on a SAT practice test.

Will you score 10x worse? Absolutely not. You’ll probably do about 7% worse: your 1400 will come in around 1300.

To find out why and learn some methods to boost your SAT score, check out Is The Real SAT Harder Than The College Board SAT Practice Tests?

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