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Graduates of MIT and Harvard

Dear SAT Gunners,

Hi, I’m Matthew Larriva, the founder of Powerful Prep.

Over the past four years over 3,000 students have ditched Khan Academy and other offerings for engaging, bite-size online SAT prep that gets results.

Now I want to give this to you (for just $1) so you can realize your SAT score goals too.

Is Your SAT Prep Getting You Your Desired Result?

I know that your SAT prep likely isn’t generating the score increase you want fast enough and that the studying is not really keeping you engaged either.

Many people are also spending thousands of dollars on test prep that doesn’t actually produce results.

What if I Could Get You a Better SAT Result In Less Time?

I want to give you engaging SAT Prep so you can increase your SAT score in as little as 10 minutes a day and actually get you into the college you want.

And I don’t want you to spend thousands of dollars to realize your goals.

In fact, I’ll let you have access to our entire SAT prep system for just $1 so you can get a better SAT score and spend your hard-earned money on more worthy things!

Watch This Video To See The Power Play Magic In Action

What’s The Catch?

You may be wondering why I would give you an entire SAT Prep package for just $1 for seven days, and then only $49 per month after that? (Cancel anytime.)

The reason is because I believe that expensive SAT Prep is deeply unfair.

I used to work at one of the most successful test prep companies in the U.S. We helped over 100,000 students get into ivy league schools.

But we were also crazy expensive.

During that time, I always thought: isn’t there a way to help everyone?

My mission at Powerful Prep is to build a motivational online SAT prep solution so that you can get best-in-class test prep expertise, without draining your bank account.

But Khan Academy is Free, Right?

Yes, Khan Academy is free.

But here’s your problem with Khan: they don’t give you detailed explanations.

The Problem With Khan Academy

When you get stuck in Khan Academy (which we all do) you are forced to waste enormous amounts of your precious time searching for YouTube videos on specific SAT concepts, just so you can move forward.

As they say, Time is Money.

And when you add it up, Khan Academy turns out to be very expensive.

Wouldn’t you rather have all the answers to your problems in one place?

And wouldn’t you rather save yourself hours and hours of time and effort?

I know I would.

Never Get Stuck With Power Play

$2,000+ $1

What You Get From Us Instead:

The Secret to Acing the SAT Without Wasting Time Or Money

Your Gamified Online Learning Experience so you can stay motivated and engaged.

Your Easy to Follow, Foolproof SAT Study plan so you can get the fastest improvement onlinn in the shortest amount of time.

Over 2,500 SAT Questions and Detailed Explanations so you can practice till you are perfect and never get stuck.

Your “It’s a trap” Insider Secrets so you can avoid common traps easily and increase your accuracy.

Your Personalized SAT Readiness Score so you can walk into test day with little to no anxiety.

Your Personalized Strength & Weakness Breakdown so you can see which areas you need to improve before you take a practice test.

Your Free Mock Proctored Practice Tests (Used by Over 30,000 Students!) so you know what to expect at the exam.

Your On-The-Go Study Solution That Works On Any Device so you boost your SAT score from your phone, your laptop, in the car, or on the couch.

7-Day Trial  for Just $1 so you can feel confident that you’ve made the best choice. Cancel anytime.

Stop the Press

Limited Time Offer – This Week Only

I know that SAT Prep isn’t the only thing you’re worried about.

You’re also likely stressed about your GPA and what your major should be in college.

That’s why, this week only I am also going to be giving you 7 additional bonus courses that I’ve developed so you can ace your other classes and thrive during the next chapter of your life.

You Can Laugh At College Stress With These Free Bonuses

Get the following for FREE if you sign up now:

5 x Additional Courses so you can maximize your GPA: AP US History, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry and English Literature

700+ Fun College Knowledge and Career Questions so you can kick butt in college.

1 x Finding Your Passion Course so you can make sure you choose the right major.

3 x College Skills Courses so you’re armed with the skills you need to thrive.

All of these materials have been proven to increase your knowledge and confidence in just 10 minutes a day.

Normally you would have to buy them separately but you’ll get them for free if you buy your SAT Prep before Friday at midnight.

After that, you can still get your SAT prep, but you likely won’t get the free additional courses.

There Is 100% No Risk For You

If for some reason, during your first 30 days, you don’t love the Power Play online learning system as much as the other 3,000 students who have used it to boost their SAT score, just let me know and we’ll cancel your account with no hassle.

Here are what some of our customers are saying

Score Unlocked in 15 mins a Day
200 Point Score Increase
Gets You To Your Goal
Fun To Use and Uplifting

Isn’t it time you learned these critical SAT skills?

How to improve your score in just 10 minutes a day – so you’re less stressed and have more time in your day.

How to quickly recognize question types – so you can avoid running out of time during your exam.

How to use practice tests to increase your score and reduce your text anxiety – so you can feel confident on your exam day.

How to recognize traps that the test maker puts into questions to fool you – so you can increase your score and boost your accuracy.

Learn From The Experts

$2,675+ $1

What You Get For 1$ Deal:

Award Winning SAT Prep – get a 200 point score increase, guaranteed. ($2,000+ value)

Progress Dashboard so you track  strengths/weaknesses. ($199 value)

Proctored Mock Tests so you can reduce test-day anxiety. ($69 value)

Predictive Readiness Score so you know when you’re ready to take the exam. ($69 value)

Over 700 College Knowledge and Career Questions so you can feel confident starting the next major chapter of your life. ($99 value)

7+ Bonus College Readiness Skills and Academic Courses including Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, AP US History and more. ($299 value)

Total Value: $2675+

You Pay: $1 for 7 days

Imagine Knowing With Certainty That You’re Ready To Get Into Your Dream School.

Make Sure You Purchase Now To Get Your Free Special Bonuses.



After 7 Days you pay $49/mo for unlimited access.

200 Point Score Increase, Guarantee.

Limited Time Free College and Career Bonuses


It’s 100% Risk Free With a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We only care about results.
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Fast learning in a research-backed, gamified system

Average improvement: 200 points

Prep in 10-minutes a day


Cancel any time.

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Our story and why we care

Powerful Prep started by offering only one-on-one prep from Ivy League grads until we realized that 85% of families couldn’t afford this service. So we partnered with a Forbes-ranked EdTech start-up to yield a product that’s powerful, affordable, and fun.

We think we’ve created something special by combining gamified online SAT prep with live access to our Ivy League tutors, and we hope you’ll give us a try. Over the last 10 years we’ve helped hundreds of families access top-tier universities, and we look forward to helping you do the same.

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