Powerful Prep: Now Offering SAT Prep and ACT Prep to LA!

Matt Larriva
Jul 28, 2023
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Orange County’s premier SAT prep and ACT prep is now available in Los Angeles. Powerful Prep has been the OC’s top-choice for massive point-gains and concierge-service and is now offering its exclusive service to  LA. Move your scores higher and become a top applicant to the nation’s most selective universities by working with one of Powerful Prep’s genius tutors.

The high school experience is demanding, and riddled with stressors at every turn. On top of needing a near-perfect GPA, head-turning extracurricular activities, and resounding letters of recommendation, students need 99th percentile SAT and ACT scores. The time commitment alone is enough to send heads reeling. Powerful Prep understands these constraints and addresses these demands by offering its condensed curriculum in 90-minute, once-a-week sessions, with tutors who drive to you, at your convenience.

We also provide expert guidance to lead your family through the tough questions:

Leverage our years of experience to lessen your stress. We’ll plan a timeframe for your SAT prep or ACT prep that maximizes your score while minimizing your stress and time commitment.

Powerful Prep is an exclusive program that usually only takes between 50 and 60 students per year, in order to optimize quality. But our exclusivity is just the beginning of what differentiates our SAT and ACT prep from the rest.

We hire only the best teachers in the country.

Before even sitting down to an interview, our teachers must have 99.9% scores on their SAT/ACTs. They must be graduates of one of the nation’s top 20 universities, as ranked by US News and World. And they must have had prior teaching experience before coming to work with us.

tutor working psat test prep with online tutor

From that initial pool, we accept only a fraction of applicants—those who demonstrate professionalism, command of material, engagement, and commitment to student success. After extensive training, we monitor all of our teachers’ outcomes to ensure consistency and excellence. We love our staff, and pay extremely well, as well as offering bonuses when your student succeeds.

Combine our genius tutors with our proven curriculum, our distinctive approach, and you get the highest-producing point-gain program in California. We’re proud of our results, and we publish all of our point-gains so your family knows exactly what to expect, and over what time-frame.

We believe test-prep is not a gamble. If you put in the effort, complete the homework, and prep with one of our brilliant teachers, then we guarantee your success, and back it up with a money-back promise.

So what do you get when you combine genius tutors, teaching proven curriculum, achieving amazing point-gains?

You get well-reviewed! Powerful Prep has 35 5-star reviews on Yelp, making it a Best of Yelp business. Powerful Prep has also been ranked by CBS news and KCAL9 as a top ACT prep and SAT prep provider in Orange County. Powerful Prep has been seen in OC Weekly and Epoch Times.

So why choose Powerful Prep?

Choose Powerful Prep for SAT prep and ACT prep when you need the best. When you’re laser-focused on point-gains and you need the professionalism of concierge tutoring and the power of one-on-one prep.

What’s the tuition?

Powerful Prep’s tuition is about $1500 per month.

In terms of points-per-dollar, we’re the industry’s best choice. You’ll get more point gains for less using Powerful Prep. Said differently, you’d have to take one of those bargain-prep courses three times to get the gains you’d get from one Powerful Prep SAT prep or ACT prep course.

Read How Much Does Elite SAT?ACT Test Prep Cost for more details and check out our Services page for a look at all of our current programs available.

When should I start?

The summer before your Junior year is a great time for most students. If you’re very ambitious, or know you’ll need a little more time than most, we recommend beginning the summer before Sophomore year.

We lay out a perfect timeline for test prep plus other important factors in our article, How To Get Into The Ivy League.

How long should I prep?

Most of our students choose to prepare with us for the SAT or the ACT for about three months leading up to their test. This can vary depending on your starting score and target score, but generally 3-4 months is a good amount of time to plan on.

Is 90-minutes of test prep, once-a-week really enough?

Yes! Research indicates that students cannot focus on dense material for more than 60-90 minutes without losing retention. We have very focused 90-minute sessions, and complement our work with targeted homework and practice tests. This strategy has produced phenomenal results for us. We respect your time and don’t waste it with hours of in-class or busy work.

How do I get started?

Just give us a call or email us. We’ll start by learning about your specific situation and your goals. Then we’ll pair you with one of our expert test prep tutors who will partner with you and work with you until you’re happy with your score.

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Schedule a FREE Consultation

Discover how Powerful Prep can build a customized program to suit your student’s needs and get them accepted to their dream school.


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