Ivy League Admission for International Students: Part 1

Matt Larriva
Mar 04, 2021
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UNITED STATES, March 4, 2020 || College Express

In part one of this three-part series, we discuss international students’ desire to attend Ivy League institutions and the chances they have of admission.

Getting into the Ivy League as an international student is like trying to run a marathon while wearing a backpack filled with bricks—it’s hard enough to run 26 miles, but doing it while weighted down feels impossible. But here’s a secret: Ivy League universities need more international students. International students are often asked to, and are more capable of, paying full tuition for university. But that doesn’t mean admission will be easy. However, it is possible, and if you’ve decided an Ivy League university is your best fit, we’re here to help. In the first part of this three-part series, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of all the requirements, tactics, and tests that international students need to know about in order to secure a spot at one of the United States’ most selective and prestigious schools: the Ivy League. […]


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