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A Clear Vision for Student Career Success

What if your child could confidently envision their dream career? What if choosing a college major wasn’t shrouded in uncertainty, but a clear, exciting step towards their future?

Unfortunately, for many students, this level of clarity is elusive. How can one, with limited exposure to the professional world, discern their ideal career path?

Enter our premier aptitude assessments. These sophisticated tools equip students across the nation to make informed, confident decisions about their career trajectories, and ultimately, help them realize their dream jobs.

Regardless of their location, students from every corner of the United States can benefit from our top-tier offerings.

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The Aptitude Academy Advantage

Leveraging years of expertise in career guidance, we provide an elite service that ensures geographic boundaries do not limit your child’s access to this crucial career-defining tool. Our aptitude tests are designed to unveil your child’s unique strengths and potential, giving them the confidence to stride into the future.

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Our Services & Pricing for Aptitude Testing

We offer three tiers of service to cater to various needs and aspirations. Each tier offers our advanced aptitude test as a foundation, supplemented by additional premium services to further enhance your child’s career discernment journey:

1. Aptitude Initiate: $550

An excellent starting point to discover your child’s talents and potentials. The package includes:

  • An advanced aptitude test administered by one of our aptitude testing specialists.
  • Two hours of career coaching to help your child understand their aptitudes and connect them to potential careers.

2. Aptitude Apprentice: $1300 (Most Popular)

Take the next step by connecting your child with industry experts. The package includes:

  • Everything from Aptitude Initiate.
  • Three meetings with industry professionals in your child’s prospective career field.

3. Aptitude Master: $4500

Prepare your child for college and beyond with a comprehensive suite of services. The package includes:

  • Everything from Aptitude Apprentice.
  • A research project that can be submitted for publication and used to bolster their college application.

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The Plan For Assessing Your Student’s Aptitude 

Our straightforward and efficient process is tailored to provide maximum convenience:

  1. 1. Sign Up: Start the journey by creating your account.
  2. 2. Take the Test: Engage with our sophisticated set of questions designed to capture your child’s strengths and interests.
  3. 3. Receive Results: Get a comprehensive report detailing your child’s aptitudes and potential career paths.
  4. 4. Career Counseling: Opt for a session with our expert advisors to further understand and explore the possibilities.

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Unleash the Potential of Your Students Talents

Take the guesswork out of your child’s future. Let our advanced aptitude assessments illuminate their path to career fulfillment.

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